All DEI Galvanic Isolators (GI) are fail-safe, solid-state DC isolation/AC coupling devices with ratings and characteristics that significantly exceed those of all known galvanic isolators designed for marine applications.The proven fail-safe construction assures that the galvanic isolator never compromises the integrity of the grounding conductor, even in the unlikely case of the product failing.

Features and Characteristics

  • Certified to ABYC A-28 July 2008 publication
  • Fail-safe construction featuring Fail-Safe Plus and Fail-Safe Max technology. Click here for more info 
  • Highest AC fault current ratings available 
  • Lightning current rated (Not required by ABYC A-28)
  • Ignition protected 
  • Maintenance-free solid-state design 
  • Rated for high levels of lightning current 
  • Isolation to 1V galvanic potential difference 
  • Very low DC leakage current allowed